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Project Start Over

Dec 31, 2019

Today in the guest chair, we explore starting over at anything and there is no better person to break down this topic than today’s guest, Saiyyidah Zaidi. I call her the Start Over Expert. 

Saiyyidah has to be the Queen of Start Overs! She’s started over so many times in her life, it’s not only hard to keep up, it’s ridiculously impressive! From surviving a fatal accident and learning to walk or even peel potatoes again to quitting her fancy high paying director job and creating a life on her terms to starting over in different countries, the list goes on.

As a child, when people asked Saiyyidah what she wanted to do when she grew up she would always say ‘I want to be happy.’ Little did she know how challenging the journey to finding that answer would be.

She almost died after a car accident in 1998 while traveling to the gym, and after almost 20 years was able to run a half marathon again. 

She was a director in local government responsible for the regeneration of the education estate with a budget of $500,000,000.00 and left that job to create a life on her own terms.

She travelled the world with her husband and children while working with her laptop as her office.

She has been coaching and mentoring people face to face and online since 2010 while working with people all over the world. 

Listen in as she takes us on her startover journeys and gives actionable strategies on how to start over at anything in life.

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