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Project Start Over

Jan 22, 2020

Imagine you were a highly educated, multi-lingual, widely travelled, and successful businessperson, who fell in love with someone from overseas, got married, and moved to a new country, only to find that because you “came from away” none of your skills or prior achievements were valued. That was Pernille’s story and that of so many others who move to another country. What she does after multiple rejections however, is utterly fascinating.


Since founding Kisserup International Trade Roots in 1998, Pernille has worked on projects in over 90 countries, on 6 continents and in 25 sectors. She has been recognized for her achievements and contributions to Canada by the Royal Bank of Canada, the Canadian Progress Club, Women of Influence and so many other bodies.


In this interview, Pernille talks about her experience after moving to Canada, the importance of staying open and aware of culture and her journey to becoming the successful business woman she is today.


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