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Project Start Over

Feb 6, 2020

“What would humanity be capable of if we were to overcome our vices and focus more on growing of our virtues?”


That definitely had me pondering for a minute! :)


Today in the guest chair, we have Deborah Webster, Founder & CEO of AMANIcircle. Deborah believes technology in the right hands can create a more sustainable and equitable future. She works with investors to find and grow the entrepreneurs and innovators creating that future. 


Previously a Partner with Korn Ferry, Deborah found a pattern behind successful companies and those that fail. She went on to develop a model that helps investors qualify deals.


She has also been an Advisor to several initiatives driving gender parity, innovation and entrepreneurship. She has spoken at several conferences around the world and chairs discussions on a variety of topics including, leadership, innovation, and ethical practices around data and technology.


Deborah has had several start overs both in various countries as well as in life. In today’s episode, you’ll hear how Deborah has navigated some of the darkest seasons of her life and how she’s had the courage to face them in order to build a life of impact and a company she’s set up to redefine business as usual.


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